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Carpet Care Guide

Never use washing up liquid

Scoop up solids with a knife or spoon. Determine the method of stain removal from the chart.


Always blot up the spillage using white absorbent paper, until no more shows on the paper when pressure is applied.


Before treating stain, test treatments on an inconspicuous part of the carpet for possible colour change.


With blotting or dabbing motion, work inwards from the edges of the stain to prevent it spreading. NEVER rub or scrub at the surface of the pile, this will damage the carpet surface very badly and leave a permanent mark.

Take your time

When attempting to remove stains, ensure that the carpet is dry before proceeding to the next step in order of treatment. Once all the spillage has been removed, if necessary dab the affected area with clean tepid water, taking care not to over wet the carpet, and working inwards from the edges to prevent spreading, then blot by applying pressure to absorbent white material.

Dry out

Once the stain is removed, allow the area to dry and at the same time, ensure that the pile is lying in the same direction as the main carpet. When thoroughly dry, brush the pile very gently to loosen any residues. The area can then be vacuum cleaned to remove all traces of both the stain and the treatment.

Never walk on or place objects on damp carpets.

Where accidental staining has taken place and not been detected for some time, the services of a professional cleaning company should be sought as the substances will have penetrated and dried into, the fibres of the carpet.