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Choosing the right carpet or flooring is essential and its important to make the right choice for you family and home.

Wool/ Wool Mix

Wool is generally regarded as the best carpet fibre for resilience, warmth and comfort. Traditionally the best choice for customers who want a carpet to give them years of wear.


Highly stain resistant and easy to clean. The 80 wool/20 polyprop mix gives the best compromise over durability and comfort.


Nylon is the hardest wearing fibre but traditionally flattened quickly and was very difficult to clean. We now sell the latest generation of nylon carpets that combine the wear and resilience of wool with the ease to clean of polypropylene.

Hard Floorings

Engineered and Solid Hard Wood

Beautiful natural floors in numerous finishes. However it must be noted that real wood floors are susceptible to marks and scratches which have to be accepted as part of the charm of your floor.

Laminate Floors

A floor that looks like wood but is more resilient and able to withstand modern life. As the name suggests the wear layer is laminated (like a kitchen worksurface) and on a HDF base. Not really suitable for wet areas because wood and water don’t mix.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

PVC tiles that look like natural floorings be it wood stone or ceramic. The major selling point of these floors is they combine complete practicality with the beauty of real floors. Suitable for anywhere in the home including bathrooms and kitchens.